Helpful Charts

White Metal Pewter – (click to view)

AMERICAN TIN & SOLDER’S process produces tin and tin-lead alloys of the highest quality. The white metals made by AMERICAN TIN & SOLDER CO. are virtually dross-free with uniform melting characteristics for trouble-free casting.

Tin – Lead Babbitt – (click to view)

Lead based babbitts are more economical and used for low speed, uniform speed and moderate pressure as in line shafting, electric motors and general machinery. These babbitts are also used in applications subjected to shock loads.

Low Melt Metals – (click to view)

American Tin and Solder manufactures Low-Melt metals for many applications. From fusible links or plugs to use with silicon molds. We specialize in eutectic low-melt metals. A eutectic metal has a low melting point, as well as, each of the metals that constitue the alloy crystalize at the same time.

Industrial Solders (click to view)

Tin-lead alloys are the most widely used of all solders. They are ideal for joining most metals because of their advantageous low melting range.

AMERICAN TIN & SOLDER CO. offers it’s solder in two forms, bar or spool.